Too much looting in Homa-Bay county, who will stop them?

Exposed: How Governor Cyprian Awiti’s government paid Sh3.9 million to ghost contractor

I cry for my beloved Homa Bay county.

The sh 2.7 billion allegedly stolen in Homa bay county that the DCIO is investigating and has already summoned officers to appear before him this week and next week could have transformed the lives of people.

Homa bay has eight sub counties and take it that if Makueni built a 200 bed capacity at an 125 million, Homa bay county could have built similar facilities in all the sub counties and could have remained with an 1.5 billion.

Take another sh 300 million could have built Homa Bay stadium to the league of Bukhungu stadium.

Take another Sh 500 million could have drilled water in all the water scarce sub counties and ensured water security.

The balance of sh 700 million could have been used to open up roads in all the sub counties and Homa bay would have been a county of choice

This is what we call economic genocide perpetrated by Governor Awiti administration and the reason why they should be rotting in jail and assets recovered.

This is why Awiti and his team must go home or the county be dissolved.

This is why we must ask ODM leadership the tough questions why they have remained tight lipped as economic genocide continues to be meted out on people of Homa Bay.

That is why we ask the senator , who is the PAC chairman why he has shut his eyes and left the people to die.

This is why we must ask the MPs why they continue to dine and wine with economic saboteurs as people suffer.

Awiti and his team must vacate office and the people must once again have a reason to have hope and get service.

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