Thika Road Resident Killed By Hanging KPLC Wire

  • Residents at Kastemil Estate along Thika Road are in shock after a man was killed and two others injured on Wednesday, August 25, in an accident involving a hanging power line. 

    According to one of the witnesses who alerted  Kenya Power Company (KPLC), the deceased was known as Kariuki, age 30.

    In a post seen by the witness stated that the  transmission wire  fell from one of the poles around his place of work onto the tent.

    Thika Road, Nairobi

    This led to the Kariuki’s fatal electrocution as he was working inside the tent. His colleagues were also electrocuted but survived but was rescued as he convulsed with foam on his mouth.

    The injured were rushed to hospital by the good samaritan following their sustained injuries.

    In an official statement  to, KPLC said the preliminary investigations found that they had been illegally operating on a restricted area. 

    The company added that incidents of hanging wire falling and causing  electrocution are mostly caused by those on the wrong-side of the law. 

    Incidents have been known where individuals would tap into the transmission lines using illegal connection. Even some cases of road accidents where people would ram directly to a pole.

    The premise they were operating from, a garage, was a breach on the line clearance. 

    The transmission lines that had fallen supplied 132 KV to Ruaka station.

    Kenya Power urged Kenyans to avoid coming close to a transmission line of high voltage. 

    Additionally, KPLC stated it was committed to offering care to Kenyans as they offered condolences to the family. 

    Kenya Power Building in Nairobi CBD
    Kenya Power Building in Nairobi CBD.