May 27, 2022
A model showcasing an earring by Ami Doshi
  • A March 16 report by Visual Capitalist showed that at least 10 per cent of world billionaires invest in the lucrative fashion and retail industry. 

    Kenya’s Ami Doshi, a 42-year-old businesswoman, from a tender age had her mind focused on the fashion industry. This was driven by her passion for beauty and jewelry making. 

    Like many other Kenyans who are investing in the sector that has not been fully explored, Doshi started her own business by making exclusive jewelry.

    From locally available materials such as metals, sisal, and salt, the Nairobi-based businesswoman uses her craft to make some of the high-end products that are premium-priced.

    A model showcasing an earring by Ami Doshi

    According to a website retailing some of the exclusive jewelry, a refined pair of earing made of metal and other decorations retails for over Ksh30,000.

    The products have generated millions for the 42-year-old. In 2020, the creative made close to Ksh2,000,000. This is as quoted by the New York Times. However, the business has been impacted by the global pandemic that hit the country in 2020.

    Doshi, in the interview with the global publisher, noted that her business has been made successful by her move to work with collectors in Nairobi who have helped her work gain prominence among members of the public. 

    The jeweler currently has a workshop in the capital city and employs three assistants.

    For the six years, she has been in the business, her art has been recognised by international jewelry makers and organisations, expressing interest in what she does.

    Some of her exclusive pieces will be showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a prestigious art museum that was founded in 1852, during an art show in April 2023.

    While many praised her art and talent, Doshi noted at a past interview that she had to go to school to improve her craft. She stated that it is not a walk in the park and she has attended jewelry-making classes in the United Kingdom and India.

    Among the prestigious schools, she has attended include Birmingham City University in the UK.

    “I knew from a tender age that I wanted to go to art school. In school, we focused on the technical aspects of jewelry making, but also with a fairly avant-garde kind of approach,†she stated.

    A photo of Ami Doshi showcasing some of the rings made in her workshop in Nairobi.
    A photo of Ami Doshi showcasing some of the rings made in her workshop in Nairobi.
    Brian Otieno

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