The Day Museveni Disappeared in Nairobi for Over 36hrs

The Day Museveni Disappeared in Nairobi for Over 36hrs

An eye-opening revelation by a former Cabinet Minister alleged that Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, was once reportedly nowhere to be found for over 36 hours as President Daniel Moi waited for him at State House Nairobi.

Speaking to a Daily Nation journalist, former cabinet minister during Moi’s era- Kirugi Joseph Laiboni M’Mukindia revealed how Museveni failed to show up to a meeting convened by president Moi. 

In the tell-all regarding the origin of the mutual hostility between the two east African presidents, the former minister traced it back to Museveni’s ascension to power.

A hardened military man, Museveni and his National Resistance Army (NRA) were closing in on Kampala in his bid to oust General Tito Okello from power back in August 1985.

Image of Presidents Yoweri Museveni (Ug), Daniel arap Moi (Ke) and Benjamin Mkapa (Tz)

Upon realizing his imminent overthrowal, General Okello made his way to Kenya and sought president Moi’s intervention, seeking a diplomatic solution to the matter.

Museveni made his way to Nairobi a week after General Okello and agreed to Moi’s suggestion of a joint interim caretaker government to oversee elections.

However, president Museveni seemed to have been going through the motions and was still hell-bent on marching into Kampala and taking over the country.

He made himself unavailable to numerous requests from president Moi to come back to the negotiation table and successfully dodged such calls from August to December 1985.

Intense pressure from Tanzania’s president Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Moi eventually forced Museveni to yield and he made his way back to Nairobi in December.

However, Moi and General Okello waited for him for over 36 hours, as upon his arrival in the Kenyan capital, Museveni simply disappeared within the city in a bid to ensure the talks collapsed.

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He later showed up at Harambee House a day later and reluctantly signed a peace accord in fear of trade sanctions from the regional countries.

However, in January 1986, Museveni reneged on the peace accord when he went back to the bush and toppled General Okello within a matter of days, declaring himself the new Head of State.

Moi was reportedly deeply angered by the total disregard to the peace talks which had earned the Kenyan president global acclaim, and the two rarely saw eye to eye ever since.

Museveni pictured alongside Rtd president Moi at the Kabarnet garden homes


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