Televangelist and House of Grace bishop David Muriithi sued for child support

Televangelist and House of Grace bishop David Muriithi sued for child support

Renowned Televangelist and House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi has been sued for Sh100,000 monthly child support.

In a dramatic press conference, filled with obscenities, the woman, in her early 30 and known as JM said the bishop preyed on her from the crowd and made sexual advances.

“This is a shepherd that eats his flock. He made a few advances at me and ensured that I fell into his trap. Later, the promise of good things including marriage followed. I did not know that he was an irresponsible person until he started playing school boy games. I also discovered that I was not the only one in the relationship, said the woman JM.

The woman claims she met the televangelist in 2018. The two were in an intimate relationship that led to the siring of their son in 2019. Currently, the child is two years old.

Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, the woman claims that the Bishop was overjoyed upon hearing about the news of the pregnancy and the birth of their son thereafter.

Things then took a wrong turn after the child was born as the Bishop kept mum leaving the woman to single-handedly take care of the child.

Apparently, Bishop Muriithi intimated that he was just a Bishop with no salary hence he could not contribute to the child support.

“The plaintiff avers that during her pregnancy period, the defendant was supportive and he wilfully provided for her and the unborn child,” lawyer Omari said.

He added,”… avers that Muriithi is a bishop of a reputable church within the Republic of Kenya who lives a high-end life and is not willing to offer his child the same kind of life which is a clear indication of discrimination on his part.”

The woman thus through her lawyer wants the Televangelist to take care of their son until he is of the right age to cater for himself.

She adds that he is of the right age to join school hence it is only fair for the Bishop to provide the basic needs for the child.

Among the things listed in the monthly upkeep include Sh20,000 for food and shopping, Sh35,000 for rent, Sh11,000 for clothing and house help Sh10,000.

JM says the fees is as per the fee structure from Kiota School, Sh1,000 for salon, entertainment Sh5,000, utilities Sh3,000 and Sh2,000 for her son’s toys.

The court has directed JM to serve Muriithi with the application and parties to appear in court on August 25 for hearing.