Teen Who Lost Leg to Cancer Amazes With High Jump Skills

Teen Who Lost Leg to Cancer Amazes With High Jump Skills

Disability is not inability and nothing drives that point home more than a Kenyan teen captured on video high-jumping on one leg and without artificial support.

In the clip making rounds on social media, Iddy Gillo Makorani, 15, surpasses the relatively high hurdle with so much ease.

The inspiration, however, does not erase the fact that the boy had a rough life from birth with constant diagnoses of various ailments

It was while in class three when Gillo, now a class seven pupil of Mnazini Primary School, suffered the biggest blow. He was diagnosed with cancer and doctors recommended that his leg be amputated from the knee downwards.

On-lookers witnessing as Iddy Gillo Makorani prepares to make a high jump.

Gillo, in a sit down with Nairobi News, revealed that the amputation would not drag his life back and that he will surprise in his KCSE performance just as he did in the jump.

“From there I decided that I will not be taken back just because I would now remain with only one leg. I had to feel like the rest, play like the rest and do things like them,” he revealed.

The pupil, who wishes to become a doctor specialising in cancer treatment, further divulged that he doesn’t consider or even feel like he had cancer.

“For the whole time, it didn’t really feel like I had cancer. However, since it did not snatch my life I hope that I will work hard and become a medical doctor who treats children who suffer from cancer,” he stated.

Gillo now aims to one day represent Kenya in Olympics and other events both locally and internationally.

He also rides a bicycle every day for 500 meters to get to school.

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Watch the video below:


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