Taking Tea & Coffee Leads to Miscarriage During Pregnancy – Study Warns

Taking Tea & Coffee Leads to Miscarriage During Pregnancy – Study Warns

A study has warned that continuous uptake of coffee and tea by a pregnant woman poses dangerous risks to her unborn child.

The research, which was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, explains that the copious amounts of the two drinks can lead to miscarriage or delivery of underweight babies.

The study explained that caffeine can easily pass through the placenta to accumulate on foetal tissues while hindering blood from flowing through.

Based on the consistent associations we observed, and because many pregnancies are unplanned, we would recommend women who are pregnant or seeking to become pregnant at least limit their intakes of caffeinated coffee and tea.

“Caffeine can also cross the placenta readily, and because caffeine clearance slows as pregnancy progresses, caffeine accumulation may occur in foetal tissues,” stated one of the researchers, Doctor Chen.

Pregnant woman with a hot drink

The study also warned that a cup of tea contained a percentage of caffeine that dangerous to the unborn child.

It explained that the exact amount of coffee in tea depends on the brew time and the type of tea.

Dr. Kigen Bartilol, A representative of the Ministry of Health, confirmed to kenyagist.com that the continuous uptake of the hot drinks can indeed affect pregnancy.

Yes, the higher caffeine in coffee can lead to underweight baby delivery,” he affirmed.

World Health Organisation (WHO) had earlier warned pregnant women from consuming two mugs of coffee or three cups of tea.

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