Sudan women overthrew President Bashir

Amazing: Sudan women overthrew President Bashir

Salute! The fearless women of Sudan have led the charge in ending the brutal dictatorship of Omar AlBashir!

The young woman in a photo that has come to symbolise the protest movement in Sudan has been identified as Alaa Salah, a 22-year-old architecture student in Khartoum…The Future is Female✊

Geopolitical analyst Dr Onyango Ochieng Jnr adds;

Bashiir always wanted to go, but was often scared of the ICC albatross. Being the only president indicticted by the ICC, his only solace was Geneva Convention which protects sitting heads of state from prosecution in a foreign country, court or tribunal. To an extent, this is the reason Museveni want to die in power because of the unforgiving, hostile language used by opposition in respect to treating him after presidency.

Two things here 1. AU must move with speed to tame ICC scarecrow

2. Opposition in Africa must embrace a less- hostile language that focuses more on nation building than vengeance. But importantly since this is a military coup happening, Sudanese must be wiser than Egyptians who impeached Mursi to plant a war criminal called Al Sisi.

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