August 20, 2022
Citizen TV Anchor Lulu Hassan

A street boy identified only as George has touched the hearts of Kenyans on social media with his melodious voice.

In a video shared online by Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan, the young man performs what seems like an original composition, detailing his life struggles.

“I was born in the streets 20 years ago, my mother rejected me, my father disowned me. I have my friends who I call my brothers, oh Lord have mercy on me because I know one day I will be out of here.

“Lord bless me with everything so that I may be able to help my friends who have now become my family,” he sings before switching to ‘Create With Me New Heart’ by Donnie McClurkin.


Citizen TV Anchor Lulu Hassan


The news anchor posted the boy’s video on her social media platforms lauded the journalists who had captured the video.

“When journalists are out for a different story and they bump into talent. His name is George. 

“He has lived in the streets for 9 years. May his singing talent open doors for him,” a jovial Lulu wrote on Instagram.

Lulu’s followers took to the comment section to shower praises on George, whom they stated had an exceptional voice.

“May God answer you for that’s a great prayer you making to Him,” Wamaitha stated.

“Imagine what he’d do with a mic in his hands,” Asutsa weighed in.

“Wooow may God make a way for him,” Musyoki added.

“May God bless him with his heart desires together with his friends and family,” Billy Odhiambo commented.

Below is the video:

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