May 27, 2022
File Photo of the Interior of Alchemist bar premise based in Nairobi Westlands area
  • Kenya’s capital city Nairobi has for a long time been characterized by a vibrant nightlife. It is a hub of nightclubs with the number of Kenyans willing to splash their hard-earned cash on fun swelling by day.

    One of the most popular clubs in the city is known as Alchemist bar located in Westlands, which has survived the test of times to become one of the top joints in the city.

    The club is Nairobi’s creative event space, filled with a community of entrepreneurs in art, food, drinks, fashion, and music. 

    File Photo of the Interior of Alchemist bar premise based in Nairobi Westlands area

    Among those who launched the club in Kenya include an Asian tycoon together with a former Citizen TV presenter Mitchell Morgan.

    Morgan had a stint at numerous media houses including Ebru TV with her last station being at K24 TV where she announced her departure in September 2018. That was her second time quitting as she had earlier left from the TV station in 2016.

    Together with now her husband, Peng Chen, they launched Alchemist back on December 31, 2015. With connections and support from other investors in the whole project, Chen found a plot in which the luxurious club stands right now.

    “The Alchemist opened officially on December 31, 2015. We decided to open the Alchemist because we wanted a new, open, airy space where the music was the focus and around that, we could have a huge variety of different arts, food, and fashion. And to be honest, we all had add and were incapable of doing one thing or hearing one thing, or seeing one thing at a time at a night. We always wanted that huge variety. So we decided to put everything great in one place,” Peng said in the past interview.

    He added,” We luckily stumbled upon the space through Nishad. I still remember when we first saw it; it was a jungle in here! It was rough but it was beautiful. Because all the elements were here. The space that we wanted, the acoustics, which we thought would be nice for live music, and then… The trees! Just a bit of an oasis in the heart of the city.”

    The open space club provides venues for different events. It has an open air cinema, a lounge, a chillout spot, an outdoor dining space, food trucks, a designer shopping space, nightclubs, live music, fashion experiences among many other enticing services.

    “We provide the canvas on which Nairobi’s leading event organizers paint their creative visions. Hosting open air cinema, open mic night, parties, fashion shows, yoga, and more,” the club describes itself through its official website.

    The open space also works with different vendors and designers from a cross the country who provide varied products and services to their clients.

    The club also accepts a wide class of people from those seeking to have fun to those looking to seal business deals.

    Peng and Morgan exchanged their marriage vows on May 14, 2019, at a romantic getaway in Seychelles in a private beach wedding.

    File Photo of former Citizen TV presenter Mitchell Morgan in studio
    File Photo of former Citizen TV presenter Mitchell Morgan in studio

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