August 11, 2022

K24 anchor, Eric Njoka, pulled out one of his oldest photos in a throwback moment he shared with his fans, on Tuesday, February 25, via his Instagram page as he recalled one of the fondest, yet hilarious times in his life.

“I am here just for the memories. This is the first-ever TV interview I did in my oversized suit and shoes I got from my late father (passed away almost seven years ago). I never sought validation to get to where I am today, I have many to thank for my journey and I would also like to appreciate those who don’t like me too.

“I thank you for hardening my demeanour and ego, without your harsh words, intimidation, hate, abomination and sheer loathe that came in handy over the years, I wouldn’t have cherished this moment. And when I die, speak only of how I inspired you to take up challenges and run with them. Remember it’s about you first,” Njoka posted.


K24 anchor Eric Njoka (right) with the guest before an interview at K24 studios in 2018


Speaking to, the journalist, who also worked as a mortician, further shared more details of his post, stating that the photo was taken by the guest he was interviewing in 2008 while he was an intern at K24 TV. Njoka luckily traced it to a friend’s Facebook account.

“My father was an authoritarian, family man who was loving but didn’t want to show it. Just like any African father. He was also a prison commissioner. He used to give me his shoes because he didn’t want to buy new things often for us. He used to inspire us to work hard to buy our own things. Sometimes I used to steal some of his shoes.

“I remember that day as I was asked to fill the shoes of anchor Smriti Vidyarthi (who left for NTV) shoes. It was my first interview and my father’s shoes and clothes did not fit me,” Njoka detailed.

He explained the strong bond him and his father shared and how much his father was fun to be around.

“He was a watch person and I gifted him back with lots of watches and shoes too. However, he wouldn’t appreciate openly. Like for the shoes, he would only wear them when you were around to please you.

“From him, we kind of learnt never to appreciate, but for me, I took a different turn, and learnt the art of appreciation,” Njoka stated.

The anchor, in a past interview with K24 TV, revealed how his father trained him to work in the family’s funeral home business.

“My dad trained me to be a mortician so to speak. His family objective was to make me work here and learn skills to start my own hospital and mortuary in future. My dream was not to work here. My dream was to become a journalist but my dad did not appreciate that career. He never saw any talent in that. But yes, I have another career, as I also like being a mortician because I am doing something extraordinary. Not everyone can do it,” Njoka stated. 

Njoka has since taken a break from mortuary duties to concentrate on his journalism career.


K24 anchor Erick Njoka during a news bulletin in February 2020


K24 anchor Erick Njoka during a news bulletin in February 2020

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