Stop mocking other regions, Uhuru took all development funds to Central- see multi billion projects in Kiambu

Stop mocking other regions, Uhuru took all development funds to Central- see multi billion projects in Kiambu

Hereunder is the list of MAJOR development PROJECTS that Central Kenya region has benefited under President Uhuru Kenyatta since he took over in 2013.
This data is as at 30th June 2017. Some may have been completed, as you may attest, or are intensely ongoing.

When you read, engage with honesty and truth.

I will first list those projects that have been commissioned in Kiambu since one of their MP Hon Moses Kuria was sent to fool Kenyans by crying foul that they were neglected. We know it was an act, Moses is a drinking buddy of the boss, his insult was just acting to fool Kenyans.

Here is the list:

1. Karimenu Dam, serving 1M people, will cost Sh28B, 5% complete.
2. Ruiru Dam serving 650,000 people, will cost Sh25B, 2% complete.
3. Ruiru – Juja Water project, serving 110,000,will cost Sh 968m,100% complete.
4. Theta Dam, serving 60,000 people, will cost 291m,100% complete.
5. Rehab and expansion of trunk sewers for Ruiru, Dagoretti, Westlands, serving 350,000 people, will cost Sh 1.17B, 10p% complete.
6. Thika-Juja Sewerage, serving 110,000 people, will cost Sh 3B, 40% complete.
7. Kiambu Urban Water Supply Project, will cost Sh 530M, 100% complete.
8. Komothai Water Augmentation, serving 70,00p people, will cost Sh 300m, 85% complete.
9. Ruiru Sewerage system, serving all 230,000 people living in Ruiru, costed Sh 2.04B, 100% complete.
10. Const. of Juja Access Rd to Juja Railway Station, will cost Sh 355.91m, 100% complete.
11. Const of Ruiru Market, will cost Sh 265.14m, contract awarded and signed.
12. Construction of Juja Market, contractors on site.
13. Rehab of Gitaru – Ndumbuini Rd, will cost 328.15m, 100% complete.
14. Improvement of Kikuyu and Kahawa Railway Station, will cost Sh 573.51m, 90% complete.
15. Improvement of Ruiru Railway station, will cost Sh 298.83m, 81.17% complete.
16. Construction of Thika Bypass, and will cost 1.87B, works commenced.
17. Construction of Nairobi Western Bypass (Kabete, Kiambaa), will cost Sh 17B, negotiations with China Exim Bank complete.
18. Ruaka – Banana- Gikambura – Mutarakwa Rd, 60km,will cost Sh 2.86B, 100% complete.
19. Muigai Inn Ichaweri Kiandutu, Kiganjo Muthaiga Rd, 80km, will cost Sh5.05B, 20%complete.
20. Gatukuyu Mataara Rd, 30km and will cost Sh 1.45B, 5% complete.
21. Gatundu Karinga Flyover, 45km,will cost Sh1.54B, 61% complete.
22. Ngorongo Githunguri and Access to Nazareth Hospital Rd, 24km,will cost Sh1. 34B, 100% complete.
23. Kwa Edward Kinale Kijabe Kijabe Airstrip Mai Mahiu Escarpment Gitithia Rd Nyambari Junction, 30km, will cost Sh 1.2B,contract already awarded.
24. Indian Bazaar Ndumberi Tinganga Rd Riabai Rd, 15km, will cost 717.73m, 10% complete.
25. Ibokolo Indangalasia Shianda Malaha Nambacha Rd,(Kiambaa Kikuyu) 60km, will cost 2.86B, 20% complete.
26. Githunguri Uplands, 47km, 3.99B, ongoing.
27. Nairobi Southern Bypass, 28.5km, Cost 18.79B, 100% complete.
28. Banana Ndenderu Rd, 100% complete, Sh 226m cost. 7km.
29. Thika Level 5 Hospital, Juja, costed Sh 760m,100% complete.
30. Kiambaa Karuri Level 4 Hospital, Sh380m used, 100% complete.
31. Lari TTI, cost Sh52. 62m, 100% complete.

As you can see, we from other Central Kenya Counties, should actually be faulting the President for overly investing in Kiambu, in projects worth Billions of Shillings at the expense of Millions invested elsewhere. As you shall see the data.

On the above data, the million insults I have read on my wall today, I am here again to wait for your apology especially if you knew nothing.

I will upload other Central Kenya Counties before I sleep today.

Leteni maneno sasa.
Son of the Soil.


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