August 20, 2022
Lawyer Danstan Omari speaking on his phone outside law courts.
Danstan Omari – lawyer to Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, on Thursday, February 13, filed a complaint at the High Court against the government, which he claimed was conspiring to instigate murder charges against the legislator. 

Speaking to the media outside the courts, the lawyer claimed that the state’s move to apply for the revocation of Owino’s bond terms was part of a grand scheme to nail the legislator who is accused of the attempted murder of Felix Orinda alas DJ Evolve.

“On our part, we did put an argument that what is before the court is the insensitivity of the state not taking up the life of the victim (Dj Evolve) very seriously,” he told the press.

Babu’s lawyer then went on to reveal that the DJ’s medical bill was currently at Ksh4.5 million.

Lawyer Danstan Omari speaking on his phone outside a court.

“The state made an application to review the terms of bond that released Babu Owino on the grounds that one; there was no fixed cash bail deposit. Two; there were no fixed sureties and therefore, Babu was released without any cash bail or any surety. Thirdly; the money that Babu is supposed to deposit in court is supposed to go for medical compensation,” he narrated.

“Who is going to meet the bill?” he posed.

According to Omari’s statement, the embattled Embakasi East legislator opted to cover the DJ’s outstanding bills because the two were close friends.

He then compared the scenario to when a motorist accidentally knocks a pedestrian and decides to take them to the hospital and cater for their bills.

Babu’s lawyer made it clear that it would not be fair to tag such an act as witness or victim interference, adding that in such instances, the courts treat the motorist in favourably as their actions prove that they value the sanctity of life.

“Babu is pro-life. As of now, the state has not paid a single penny to the treatment of this person,” he added.

In his elaborate theory, Omari claimed that the intention of the state is to have Babu’s bond cancelled, ensuring that no money is paid to Nairobi Hospital, leading to the death of the DJ and thereby handing them the opportunity to charge Babu with murder. 

“Is it fair that the state seats and decides to instigate a death when the state’s role is to preserve life? Under the social contract theory, the state is supposed to preserve life,” he posed.

The case will be heard again on February 27, by of Justice Luka Kimaru.

Watch Omari explaining his theory below:

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