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Special Technique That Restored Rosemary Odinga’s Eyesight – Indian Hospital Boss

  • Hari Nambudiri, the Vice Chairman of Sreedhareeyam Group of Institutions where former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s daughter, Rosemary Odinga, is hospitalised has spoken out about her illness.

    In an interview with News18, an Indian publication, Hari disclosed that the technique used in the operation, known as Ayurvedic, has been a tradition for Sreedhareeyam Hospital for three centuries and was inherited from Nelliakkattu Mana, a Namboothiri family known for its eye treatment.

    He further added that Rosemary’s optic nerve had been damaged and she had lost her eyesight when she was first admitted at the facility. She largely depended on her sense of smell, taste and touch.

    “Rosemary’s optic nerve was extensively damaged and we are happy that we were able to help her. When she came a few days ago, she was excited that she could see everything.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (in a blue facemask) and his team visits the Ayuverdic Pharmaceutical Laboratory in India
    Azimio TV

    “Before this visit, she had come during the Onam season and she was fascinated by the taste and smell of the food on offer. This time, when she could see the dishes and her room, her happiness knew no bounds,” he stated.

    Hari explained that the technology had the advantage of restarting systems put in place to protect the human eye. 

    He added that the ingredients used in making the treatment is grown at the institute and largely constitutes of herbs grown at the facility.

    “The process of treatment is called rejuvenating the neuro system. Our eyes have all systems in place to protect them, but when they fail, Ayurveda can restart them. We grow the herbs and beneficial plants in our institute.

    “In our ancient texts, we already have the information about how certain ingredients act in our body. Depending on the patient’s condition, our doctor advises a combination of (medicines) to address the ailment. The medicines are prescribed in a way that side-effects of any active ingredient are neutralised,” he added.

    Raila was connected to the hospital by a friend after he had tried several other treatment options but failed to restore Rosemary’s sight.

    She had suffered a stroke 2019 which in 2017 which affected her speech, sight and mobility. She checked into the facility in 2019 and began regaining her eyesight three months later.

    The former Prime Minister is in the South Asian nation to check up on his daughter’s progress.

    “Rt Hon @RailaOdinga was impressed by the attention to processes and detail during a visit to the Ayuverdic Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

    Baba Care will have a component that will make it easier for medicines to be produced in Kenya hence lowering costs,” tweeted AzimioTV, which describes itself as ‘The official Twitter account of Azimio La Umoja’.

    Raila Odinga's daughter Rosemary assisted to walk after she lost her eyesight.
    Raila Odinga’s daughter Rosemary assisted to walk after she lost her eyesight.

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