December 2, 2022
Sonko Leads Arrest of Panga Wielding Goons [VIDEOS]

Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, on Tuesday, led a contingent of security officials from South B in nabbing a group of panga-wielding goons.

The group of young men was said to have been hired by a city tycoon to lead the take over of a public playing field in the area. 

In the video, the youth are seen trying to escape after they realised they had been cornered, ditching their weapons in a bid to evade the governor and his team.

Governor Mike Sonko (in suit) when he launched the city beautification project

Drawing their weapons, the governor’s team started an operation to chase down the armed young men. 

The goons’ weapons were confiscated after they were forced to lie on the ground, being interrogated.

One of the governor’s aides is seen preventing an incensed Sonko from whipping one of the goons using his walking stick.

After all the goons were rounded up, the governor was overheard ranting and cursing at the young men, for being used to grab public property in the city.

A young man who opted to speak out claimed an individual by the name ‘Horeria’ had hired them,  to protect the land from any invasion.

A group of local residents, who alerted the governor of the ongoings, also claimed that the alleged land grabber had earlier sent police to man the field.

Sonko promised to follow up on the issue and even develop it to be an ultra-modern recreational place.

Below are the videos:


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