Somali Muslim community drops bombshell to Mt Kenya Mafia; we have numbers take over Statehouse

Somali Muslim community drops bombshell to Mt Kenya Mafia; we have numbers take over Statehouse

There are two items in this campaign that we are being prepared for as a country and one item directed to Mt Kenya mafia: 1
But first know that when Joho roars the entire Northern frontier listens, this is governor Joho’s stronghold that by mistake went to Jubilee William Ruto. Now they are ready for high table politics, nothing like what cartel Aden Duale has done.

1. For the country: a) The census numbers: In my view, Somalis (read Muslims) have increased their numbers more by illegal immigration and acquiring illegal ID’s than by birth. They know their numbers will increase in an unrealistic way during the census; in a manner that cannot be explained by data or birth rate treands. They are preparing us for this shock and that they will defend those numbers.

b) Resource allocation: they want more money from central government to go to their counties. Their counties are large and many but with low population density. This has already given them a advantaged misrepresentation in parliament. Now they want the same formulae used for resource allocation without any thought to production; how much of the national cake do they produce? Further, they will use the marginalization card to demand a larger share of national resources.

2. To Mt Kenya mafia: elections have been worn by tyranny of numbers. Anybody who wanted to win needed to appease the Mt Kenya mafia and form an alliance with them. The Somali are saying this, this time round, it is an alliance with them that will do the magic! They will have numbers and they have the capacity to vote as a block. As far as they are concerned, the Kikuyu vote is irrelevant. I pray for peaceful transition.


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