September 28, 2022

Wait. Even before you decide coming for me, think about it this way. How many days does it take your scalp to heal after braiding? Mmmh lets say 2 to 3 and maybe thats crotchet braiding so imagine how painful it is when they start directly from the scalp like they did with baby Asia Brown.

Well i am not one to judge nor school a parent on how they should handle their kids or parenting skills. Its all up to you at the end of the day however Vera Sidika has left many mums on social media questioning why she let her months old daughter get braids – when her scalp is barely strong enoigh to endure such pain.

This is after the lady shared vidoes flaunting her baby’s new hairdo (like the toddler even noticed…oh wait, who’s gonna complement her…Jacquees from baby care?) Anyway parading her baby’s hair on social media, Vera wrote;

Let babies be babies

Again, looking at other celebrity mums and how they handle their kids we cant really blame Vera Sidika for wanting her baby girl to look pretty or rather attractive like her but problem is – she’s barely a year old.

Vera Sidika makes sure daughter’s edges are snatched!

I know i know….other mums do it right? But think about it this way – for a lady like Vera Sidika who has travelled and mingled with different people around the world….it’s surprising she still has that wacha ashukwe nywele imee mentality stuck on her.

But again money can buy everything – expect class. At this point Asia Brown will soon be stepping out in frontal weaves at 3 years.


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