SK Macharia: Don’t Lie to Raila, the Ground is Hostile

ODM leader Raila Odinga, during a church service at Bible Fellowship Church at Kagumo, Murang'a County on Sunday, August 29.
  • Media mogul Samuel Kamau Macharia, popularly known as SK, has urged politicians allied to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga to be above board with him in his race for the 2022 presidential seat. 

    Speaking at the Bible Fellowship Church in Kigumo Constituency, Murang’a County on Sunday, August 29, Macharia added that the ground was hostile as opposed to the narrative being told by Raila’s allies.

    He gave a hypothetical scenario whereby if elections were to be held today, Raila’s competitors would clinch the votes.

    ODM leader Raila Odinga, during a church service at Bible Fellowship Church at Kagumo, Murang’a County on Sunday, August 29.

    “I’d like to tell (Nominated MP) Maina Kamanda, (Ndaragwa MP) Jeremiah Kioni and others, the way we know how things are on the ground, don’t lie to Raila that the ground is okay. If we were to go and cast votes today, those people who have despised you and the President would win the votes,” SK stated.

    He noted the information was informed by the intelligence that he gets by virtue of being a media owner. 

    Macharia went on to point out how vital the handshake has been critical in forging the way forward for the country which was in dire crisis after the 2017 General Election. 

    Alluding to this, he also pointed out the crucial role he played during the coalition pact between Raila and former President Mwai Kibaki as well as the former president’s dilemma in the 2013 General Election.

    He told the gathering that Kibaki had given him the blessing to support Raila because the retiring could not abandon Uhuru Kenyatta at that time. 

    “We sat down with Kibaki, he told me – ‘since you’re the one who brought and advocated for Raila, and you convinced him so that we might work together (and form a coalition) and since we ran together with him (Raila in 2002) stick with him. For me, my young man (Uhuru) is in trouble with the ICC and I cannot leave him behind, go and tell Raila that’ Muthaura was with me.”

    “No one believed that SK supported Raila and left Uhuru, now you know why,” the billionaire stated. 

    Raila, who graced the event, also stated that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bandwagon was on recess and would resume at a later time.

    This comes despite the Court of Appeal ruling the BBI unconstitutional. The ruling led to the Attorney General Kihara Kariuki announcing that they would appeal the ruling at the Supreme Court. The decision was backed by the BBI Secretariat. 

    “I want to tell you that BBI is not dead. It is just at half-time,” Raila stated. 

    The event was attended by Raila allies including Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris, Kamanda, Kioni, and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed.

    SK Macharia and the Odinga family have enjoyed a sound relationship with the businessman backing him in previous elections for the Presidential seat.

    During the 2007 General Election, SK Macharia had already declared the ODM leader as the victor- contrary to the Electoral Commission of Kenya’s (ECK) announcement that had declared Kibaki as the winner.

    “The one who was declared the winner in 2007 was not the winner. We tracked all the results through satellite phones and as per my records, Raila won the elections,†SK stated during a past appearance before Parliament. 

    Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia.
    Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia.