Shock on DP Ruto as NIS report shows KANU may win Wajir West by election

Shock on DP Ruto as NIS report shows KANU may win Wajir West by election


The ODM candidate Ahmed Kolosh who won the Wajir West election in 2017 won with only 477 votes. He garnered 6701 votes. KANU candidate Ibrahim Mohamud Abdiraham garnered 6224 votes.

Many of you are wondering if Jubilee as a party had a candidate in Wajir West. The answer is NO. Jubilee was so unpopular in Wajir that it did not field a candidate. The third candidate was Wiper’s Elmi Mohammed Ahmed(3906 votes). The fourth candidate was Dahiye Mumin Yakub of ANC who garnered 3501 votes.

You can all see that Wajir West was largely an opposition constituency. Had opposition NASA supported one candidate, the win would have been unassailable.

Many of you have been bashing ODM for fielding a candidate in a “Wiper zone” of Embakasi South. What you do not know is that ODM lost so many seats due to Wiper, Ford Kenya and ANC fielding candidates in “ODM zones” thus eating into the votes of front-runner ODM candidates which made such candidates lose to Jubilee or its affiliates.

This happened in several constituencies in the north, in Nairobi, in Kisii and in parts of coast (Taita Taveta, Kwale, Kilifi etc). Remember, it is also Wiper and Ford Kenya, especially, that had rejected joint nominations ahead of 2017 elections.

But I digress.

You all can see that in Wajir West, Jubilee which had no candidate is very excited to not only have a candidate but one that ‘led’ in the last polls. However, if Ugenya teaches us anything, it is that the Jubilee candidate can still lose to the underdog KANU candidate.

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In fact, if enough ODM voters – just 500 voters – refuse to vote for Kolosh, and decide to vote for the KANU candidate, that’s enough for him to lose. That’s all it will take to defeat Ruto in Wajir.

But in the spirit of the “handshake”, ODM indicated it has pulled out of the election and not supporting any candidate. Let it be a fair fight between KANU and Jubilee.

Those still frothing against ODM can continue frothing.


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