August 11, 2022

Residents of Ang’orom Ward in Teso South, Busia County woke up in huge shock on Monday, March 3, 2020.

This is after unknown people dumped a coffin at the home of former Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Kenneth Akide.

The residents started flocking in at the area to see the small-sized coffin with a cross on the top that had been placed near the fence of the home in the early morning hours.


A Coffin that was dumped at the home of former Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Kenneth Akide on March 3, 2020.

Citizen Digital

The workers who spoke with Citizen Digital stated that they found a note inside the coffin that was demanding for Ksh.1 million from Akide.

“Inside the coffin was a note demanding Ksh.1 million from our boss,” stated a worker at the home.

There were ultimatums to that effect stating that failure to do so would lead to excommunication from the society and that Ang’orom Ward in Teso South, Busia County. 

“In the note also stated that failure `to release the funds would lead to severe consequences chich amounted to him moving out of the area,” he concluded.

Lawyer Kenneth Akide took over leadership of the Law Society of Kenya from Okongo Omogeni in March 2010 and immediately promised to continue the push for the independence of the judiciary.

Mr. Akide had by then trounced his closest rival – former vice-chair Mr. James Aggrey Mwamu – in the poll that was marred by claims of vote-rigging and other irregularities. 


 Kenneth Akide

The Former Law Society of Kenya chairman Kenneth Akide during a news conference on November 30, 2010

Daily Nation

Other contestants back in 2010 alleged that the results were doctored in favour of Mr. Akide and demanded a thorough audit to ascertain who the true winner was something that was never done. 

However, the intentions and motives of those who placed the coffin at the former LSK president’s house are still unknown. 

Police have since moved the coffin to Adungosi Police Station and investigations into the incident continue to unearth this shocking puzzle.

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