Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr IS THE NEXT BIG THING, threat to DP Ruto 2022 ambition

Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr IS THE NEXT BIG THING, threat to DP Ruto 2022 ambition

DP Ruto has dominated the headlines over his 2022 presidential ambitions and to some extent the people’s president His Excellence Jakom Baba Raila Odinga. Well, if Kenyans want a break from the past , bury tribalism and set the country in a recovery mood, the youthful Makueni senator Hon Mutula Kilonzo junior can easily defeat the man whose health seem to be fast fading if losing weight and hair anything to go by.

Senator Mutula Jnr should walk in the footsteps of the upcoming American sensation Pete Butiegig; ofcouse senator Mutula is not gay, he did not study at Harvard or Oxford but indeed he can can lead the ballot revolution, he comes from a humble hardworking  Kamba community that is loved by all Kenyans unlike big tribes whose sons supervised looting of National public resources. Mutula a born town but with roots in Mbooni will be a great pick.

All Kenya needs is somebody who can inspire the masses, someone who can just slow down corruption and refocus on Vision 2030, we don’t need a vegence filled looter donating millions to the church while his cartels are busy impoverising his Kalenjin Maize farmers  via looting NCPB and looting dry the dams projects. We just need hope, even Kikuyus have realized Uhuru Kenyatta is just like his father, he has set more Kikuyus into poverty than Moi.

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2020 US Election Watch

Pete Butiegig, 37 yr old Democratic Presidential contender is set to become the media frenzy as his campaign is different and appealing to the new generation. What you need to know is as follows:-

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👺Being a media frenzy is what makes you president in America, since Obama, and then Trump. Reagan was a Hollywood media frenzy, Nixon was media savvy & frenzy, Jimmy Carter candidacy was media frenzy, Clinton was media frenzy- only the Bushes were boring not so media frenzy.

👺he is portraying an endless array of talent and uniqueness that’s setting his brand apart.

👺He is gay, set to be America’s 2nd gay occupant if he wins. Buchanan was first.

👺Has gone international after his video speaking French when consoling the French over The Notre-Dame went viral.

👺He is the Mayor of South Bend Indiana

👺He is a Christian who is able to convince Christians and conservatives that Gayism and Christianity can coexist. This reminds me of Bill Clinton who was able to convince his deeply conservative home state of Arkansas that Liberalism and conservatism can indeed coexist. The ability to convey a triangulated message broadens your constituency.

👺He is a veteran of Afghanistan and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Being a Vet is a big deal in America, when running against a guy who is rumored to have found a way of missing the Vietnam bus.

👺He is married to a man, and attributes the ability to do that to grace of a Supreme Court judgment in affirming America’s constitutional principles.

👺His adverts are different and targets his generation. Millennials tend to be rebellious in nature and may unite behind him regardless of party, as his message is resonating with them. Everything of his, from merchandise like T shirts to messaging is unique. Compared this to Trump’s Red MAGA hats.

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👺He is a graduate of both Oxford & Harvard, seems to have been prepping self for a larger role in statecraft, his entire life. If you review Obama’s role, you see a man who knew from a young age that he was cut out for greatness, without clarity as to which shape or form.

👺His ability to win Mayoral election in the deeply conservative, Christian and Anti-gay Indiana, is a testament to his ability to gobble up a winning national message.

👺If he can win his home state of Indiana he will take a major state from Trump for a State where VP Pence hails from.

What makes a strong gay candidate unique in America is that they are part of a microcosm that is racially and ethnically diverse, brought together by a common sexual identity. It’s the only microcosm in which you can be majority, yet understand how it feels to be a minority.


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