School Bus Burnt After It Hit, Killed Boda Boda Rider

A police officer carrying out a security operation.
  • Angry residents of Embu County on Monday, August 23, torched a school bus after it hit and killed a boda boda rider. 

    Speaking to, Embu West Deputy County Commissioner Caroline Imaya confirmed the incident, saying that the residents got enraged after the accident and resorted to taking matters into their own hands by torching the bus belonging to Lions school. 

    She noted that the bus was torched outside Kenya Medical College Embu campus.

    “The Lions School bus was just from picking students in the morning when the accident occurred. 

    “There were nine students in the bus at the time of the accident, but they were evacuated by the assistant chief who rushed to the scene,” Imaya stated. 

    She added that the assistant chief was, however, overpowered by the nearby boda boda riders who mobilised and torched the bus. 

    The bus driver was saved from the wrath of the angry riders who were baying for his blood. Traffic officers rushed to the scene in the nick of time and rescued him. He, however, sustained numerous injuries after the accident and was rushed to Embu Level 5 hospital. 

    Imaya pointed out that the rider was unfortunately pronounced dead on arrival.

    The Embu West DCC condemned the resident’s actions, noting that there is a right procedure to be followed when such accidents occur.

    “It is important for people to follow the law whether they are boda boda riders or members of the public (sic).

    “An accident can happen to anyone at any given time. What’s important is that the law must take its course,” she affirmed.

    Cases of accidents have become rampant in the recent past, with police officers urging motorists to be keen on the road. 

    A police officer carrying out a security operation.