August 19, 2022
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during a health committee sitting on Wednesday, March 11

Sabina Chege, the Murang’a Woman Representative who also doubles up as the co-chairperson of the Parliamentary and Senate Health Committee made a prank call to the Ministry on Wednesday, March 11, claiming to have coronavirus symptoms.

Chege, who was at a committee sitting, wanted to find out what advice she would get from the Health Ministry and how prepared the country was in the case of an outbreak.

She did not reveal her title and went on to ask as an ordinary Kenyan.


Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during a health committee sitting on Wednesday, March 11


“Hello, how are you? I wanted to report a case of coronavirus. I feel like I have the symptoms, what am I supposed to do?” Sabina enquires.

The receiver, who goes by the name Joshua Njoroge responds by stating; ” We have no cases of coronavirus unless you tell us how you could have acquired it. However, you can go to a nearby hospital and get checked.”

The lawmaker insisted on knowing which means of transport she would use, allaying that she could infect other people if she used public transport.

Njoroge responded by stating that she should use a Boda Boda to the hospital.

It is then that Sabina ended the call.

Still at the committee sitting, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe called upon Kenyans to take coronavirus with the seriousness it deserves.

“We are Kenyans and this is reality, this is what we are up against. Let’s be honest and let us not bury our heads in the ground like the proverbial ostrich.

“This is the real thing and this is what we are to grapple with and not just as a Ministry but as a country. It is actually true that self-quarantine is what we have to do.

Below is a video courtesy of KTN News;

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