January 29, 2023

Kenyans can’t wait for Deputy President William Ruto to appear on TV for the first time, since the alleged assassination plot. 

Ruto is scheduled to face K24 TV‘s Anne Kiguta in a gloves-off interview that will air on Sunday night. 

The interview will take the form of a boxing match, where Kiguta will host the DP in a boxing ring. 

“I’m extremely excited to be back on TV and thank you for the warm welcome. This Sunday from 9 pm, take a seat ringside and watch me take on a political heavyweight like no other,” the screen siren commented.

A poster of Anne Kiguta’s upcoming show on K24 TV

“Our audience has also been invited to pose questions directly to him. And to be frank, with me nothing is off the table,” she told Kenyans.

Her fans, in anticipation, started suggesting the kind of questions that she should ask the county’s second in command. 

One Instagram user suggested, “Please don’t forget to ask the critical question of why the Jubilee leaders have to keep washing their dirty linen in public.”

“The DP comes from the breadbasket of Kenya. The government wants to import maize, yet farmers have stock of the same in their stores and harvesting of this year’s yield is two months away. Can he cushion farmers against cartels?” wondered a Twitter user by the name Kennedy. 

Popular comedian, Jalango, urged Kiguta to ask Ruto about his controversial Ecology PhD, a course that is listed for scrapping. 

Jalango also wondered how the DP could be in a job as busy as his and still have time to get a PhD, which has earned him the prestigious title of ‘Dr’.

“I saw the trailer and kikweli ilikaa moto kwanza (it looked amazing, especially) on the Boxing Ring ..Sure to tune in and that’s good work,” commented Stephen Mwanza.

A poster of Anne Kiguta’s upcoming show on K24 TV

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