Ruto Responds to Khaligraph’s Request for Help

Deputy President William Ruto speaking with Margaret Njambi at Karen, Nairobi on February 24, 2021
  • Deputy President William Ruto, Sunday on April 18, responded to musician Khaligraph Jones after he requested him to intervene on behalf of Kenyans suffering from lack of food and unemployment. 

    In a message composed in sheng, and seen by, Ruto stated that he knew and understood the pain of sleeping on an empty stomach, adding that he was committed to assisting the vulnerable. 

    Bazuu Khaligraph, nimepata message yako bro. Ahsante. Mimi najua the pain of sleeping hungry (I received your message with thanks and I know the pain of sleeping hungry).

    “As a personal initiative, I am ready to help as we complement government programmes on the same. I will also mobilize my friends to get some more help,” Ruto replied. 

    Deputy President William Ruto speaking with Margaret Njambi whose video went viral at Karen, Nairobi on February 24, 2021

    He also challenged Khaligraph to make time and discuss with other artists how they can distribute food to the less fortunate and those affected by the harsh economic times. 

    “Mkipata time ingine kidogo, mjipange we share ideas on how to help the creative industry. Najua huko kuna talent mingi tu sana. Mungu awabariki,” Ruto concluded. 

    The musicians had tried to reach out to both ODM leader Raila Odinga and DP Ruto over the dire situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    “If you help us in this situation, I will campaign for you for free in the upcoming election,” the rapper had told Ruto.

    In his message to Odinga, the Tuma Kitu hitmaker said “Baba yawa, kitambo ulikua unatutetea sana, sai Kenya tunaangamizwa umenyamaza. Fanya ile kitu uone vile utaingia State House haraka, wacha kunyamaza ivo. (There was a time you fought for Kenyans rights but now we are suffering and you are silent. Intervene and see how fast you will become president)”.

    The rapper was later forced to clarify that his statements did not mean that he was declaring his support for any of the two politicians.

    “Yesterday I put up two posts requesting the two top candidates of the oncoming elections to assist with the current state of the country.

    “While am no politician, the agenda of my posts are simple and clear, we just want the country to be unlocked because Kenyans are really suffering,” the Leave Me Alone rapper said.

    Popular Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones
    Popular Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones