August 15, 2022

  • UDA flagbearer Deputy President William Ruto on Monday, July 4, responded to the leaked audio that captured him confessing to nearly slapping President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017 after their election was nullified.

    Speaking during a rally in Imenti, Meru county, the DP lamented that his opponents had resorted to recording him in private – but defended the contents of the audio – stating he had every right to push Uhuru not to relinquish power. 

    He stated that at the time, so much was at stake for both he and the President and that it would have been unfair for the head of state to make the sole decision to relinquish the seat just because the Supreme Court had invalidated the presidential election.

    “They are now secretly recording people and sharing it all over that Ruto pushed the President. Did you want us to allow him to leave the seat which we woke up at 5 am?” he questioned.

    “Even If I forced him, is there any problem? Was it not because he is my friend. Allow me to ask, when Maraga nullified the elections and ordered that we should go for a repeat, did you want him to drop his bid. Would you have allowed him to leave us in the dark after all we did to ensure he wins the seat?

    Ruto added that he personally invested too much in the political campaigns for the duo’s second term in office and would not allow then NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga to reap from what he did not sow.

    “I did the majority of the campaigning, I would hold three meetings before the president joined me. There was no way I would allow Raila to take the seat from him – even if it meant pushing Uhuru to whatever limits, I would.

    More to follow…

  • Source: kENYANS.CO.KE

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