Resign if you are tired of leading the country, MP Kimani Ngunjiri warns Uhuru

Resign if you are tired of leading the country, MP Kimani Ngunjiri warns Uhuru

There is sheer and fear of impeaching president uhuru kenyatta if Ruto men’s threats are to go by.

Outspoken Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri on Sunday asked the president to resign if unable to govern the country.

“If Kenyatta is tired of leading this country he should immediately call for fresh elections so that we can end this political rumour-mongering,” he said.

Kimani was responding to rumours that the head of state is allegedly in Mombasa with ODM party leader Raila Odinga plotting to reshuffle the cabinet.

The legislator insisted that the Jubilee party won the election and Odinga should not have a hand in appointing cabinet secretaries.

He also maintained that should anyone be prosecuted for incitement, then the president should be among those charged.

“It is Kenyatta who started abusing Raila by calling him a drunkard and a mad person,” he said, adding that he is responsible for the hatred that was between the Kikuyus and the Luos.

Kimani’s sentiments come after former Jubilee party vice chairperson David Murathe resigned from the party after he was allegedly forced out by the president.

On Saturday while speaking during Raphael Tuju’s younger brother’s burial, Murathe threatened to block Ruto’s 2022 bid even if it meant taking the matter to the Supreme Court.

“I now find that it is no longer tenable to stay on as the party vice chairman, given that I will have to sit in the same National Executive Council with a man I am taking to court to block from running for president,” he said as he tendered his resignation.

Other MPs yesterday told off Murathe referring to him as a political conman and broker. His opinion, they said, does not reflect that of the president or the party.

President Kenyatta on his part has asked leaders to focus on the Big Four Agenda and shun 2022 politics.

“I have been very vocal that people should shun 2022 politics. As a party, we have our own plans just like other parties but there are so many things we need to sort in order to have a peaceful choice in 2022,” he said.


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