November 29, 2022
Rescuers' Daring Move to Save Electrocuted Technician Hanging on Powerlines [VIDEO]

Kenya Power technicians were filmed carrying out an act of valour, in a bid to rescue a colleague who was stuck in a precarious situation.

The Tuesday evening incident caused quite a stir along Ole Sangale Road, as residents gathered to witness the heroic rescue efforts.

Initial reports claimed that the victim, a Kenya Power technician, had been electrocuted while on duty.

Image of a Kenya Power technician at work

Speaking to, Fredrick Okango, who witnessed the efforts, affirmed the incident adding that he had even managed to make a short recording of the nerve-wracking rescue.

“A man believed to be Kenya power electricity technician has been electrocuted, rescue underway,” he tweeted.

Preliminary reports claimed that power to the sector the electrocuted technician had been working on, was switched on prematurely, as he was yet to complete his task.

It was at this point that things turned south after the victim was rendered unconscious and dangling upside down from the powerlines.

His colleagues moved swiftly and set up a ladder to retrieve him, while bravely risking suffering the same fate.

Onlookers gathered and watched with bated breath, as the high-adrenalin rescue operation unfolded.

Once successfully brought down, the unconscious technician was rushed off to a nearby hospital, where his condition is still unknown to this writer, by the time of publishing.

The incident mirrored a similar one that occurred in August 2018, during which Kenya Power-contracted technicians were electrocuted while trying to fix a manual switch in the field.

Here’s a short clip of the high-risk rescue operation:


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