Raphael Tuju set to be the next Siaya governor, he is very close to Raila and Uhuru, handshake advantage !

Raphael Tuju set to be the next Siaya governor, he is very close to Raila and Uhuru, handshake advantage !

By K E
Tuju specialized in scoffing, insulting and rebuking Raila Odinga candidature 2007 and 2013. Come 2017, Uhuru appointed him SG of Jubilee Party a very strategic position in any given political party arrangement. Tuju was at the center of Uhuru’s presidential campaigns and at the same time the pivotal point of Jubilee Party machinations of 2017. What I am saying, Tuju knows Jubilee like a palm of his hand.

Now, since handshake happened Tuju has refrained a lot from attacking Raila Odinga. Instead, he has been sending warm gestures towards Raila and ODM top honcho. Today, the entire Luo Nyanza elected leadership and the beacons of Raila Odinga political journey attended the burial of Tuju’s brother. It shocked me! Something that would not happen few years ago.

Have you ever come across your perceived close friends easily making out with your sworn enemies? How would you feel? Thats exactly what is going on in the minds of Ruto and his URP as we speak. You will ask yourself: is this my perceived friend leaking our secret talks to my enemies? Is this my perceived friend backstabbing me? Have I been played?

Well, sources close to Tuju indicate that the former Rarienda MP and Foreign affairs minister is eyeing the Siaya governor seat come 2022. He will use his close ties with Uhuru to lobby Raila to endorse his bid. Tuju’s bid will be among the negotaiting items for Uhuru to support either Baba or his best project Musalia Mudavadi.

Truth be told, Tuju will be far better than the current current Conel Rasanga.

Others eyeing the seat and at pole position include senator James Orengo, Hon Opiyo Wandayi and Engineer Gumbo. Infact the race will be reduced to three with the two Raila loyalist Hon Wandayi and Orengo battling out with Tuju. Siaya is baba’s stronghold and therefore his word is law !

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