November 29, 2022

Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma’s former wife claims in her court papers that the politician infected her with Kaswende.

Martha Ojera, who was Kaluma’s wife for five years, says in a sworn affidavit filed at Nairobi children court and received on April 11, 2015 that the MP infected her with sexually transmitted diseases when they lived together and that they sought treatment together.

Ojera and Kaluma have two children from whom she sought support which accrued to Sh900,000 since 2016. Kaluma in his replying affidavit didn’t counter the Kaswende claims, but insisted he is broke and filed his pay slip on court to prove he can only cater for the child’s education and health.

The pay slip indicate that the mheshimiwa nicknamed ‘Akuku Danger’ in Homa Bay, earns a gross salary of Sh899,025 whose deductions leave him with peanuts.

Ojera, who was abandoned by Kaluma 10 years ago, also accuses the lawyer of being a wife batterer who can’t be arrested by the police despite an active warrant of arrest issued against him.

After dumping Ojera, Kaluma married a brand new wife, Meresia Adundo, a magistrate. On allegations of being infected with Kaswende, Ojera says in her court papers that “the defendant has been unfaithful to the plaintiff and the plaintiff discovered that the defendant was planning to marry another lady behind her back. As a result of the said unfaithfulness of the defendant, he infected the plaintiff with a venereal disease and both of them had to seek treatment to cure infection.”

Besides infidelity, Kaluma is also being accused of inflicting bodily harm through domestic assaults. Ojera notes in her affidavit that: “In April, the defendant chased away the plaintiff from their matrimonial home and when the plaintiff refused to move out, the defendant become violent, physically assaulting and causing grievous bodily harm to the plaintiff despite that the plaintiff was at that time expecting their second child.”

The couple’s first child was born 2005 while the second in 2007. After the beating, Ojera says she traveled to Homa Bay to seek help from Kaluma’s parents, but found out that the MP had moved out of the house with the child she had left behind when she came back to Nairobi.

In his response to the case filed against him, Kaluma argues he is unable to pay for upkeep because he only earns less than Sh51, 000 due to deductions for loans and mortgages.

“I have a family and other children to provide for. I am unable to provide for the child under the plaintiff’s custody beyond catering for her health and school fees as I already do,” says Kaluma. The MP says he ensures school fees are remitted on time at the beginning of each term and argues he has been paying for upkeep, contrary to claims he had failed to pay school fees.

According to the MP, the mother of the child also has equal responsibility. In an earlier interview with The Nairobian, Kaluma said, “I am taking care of the child, he is my first born son. I told the woman to gradually introduce herself as a member of the family, especially during church sessions so that the boy can be used to her, but she doesn’t want.”

(Courtesy, Nairobian)

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