Raila Reveals Plan to Win Vote-Rich Mt Kenya

  • The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, has assured his followers that he has devised a way to win the vote-rich Mt Kenya region. 

    Raila, who was addressing mourners on Friday, August 13 during the burial of Moses Kajwang’s father, David Ajwang, in Homa Bay County, said that he would win the Mt Kenya votes. 

    Speaking in Dholuo dialect, the former Prime Minister admitted that Mt Kenya has always been one of his stumbling blocks in his presidential ambitions. However, he stated that he had changed his campaign strategy to secure the support of the region.

    His strategy tactics, he added, would enable him to climb the mountain after appeasing the residents. 

    ODM leader Raila Odinga addresses businessmen in Tigoni, Kiambu County on Thursday, August 12, 2021

    “I have looked ahead and seen where we all should go. I hope you too have seen this. Kumekucha (It has dawned) and I hope you have seen this too,” Odinga told the mourners.

    “I have seen the point of entry to the mountain, though some people still object this.”

    Odinga expressed optimism that his new strategy would help him counter Deputy President William Ruto’s influence in Mt Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta preferably settled on him as his 2022 successor. 

    On Thursday, August 12, Odinga met Mt Kenya businessmen in Kiambu County and further plans to hold talks with Kikuyu Council of Elders and over 100 Luo elders in Nyeri on August 28.

    Ndaragua MP, Jeremiah Kioni, refuted claims that Odinga was unsellable in the region, arguing that they found a way to market Ruto despite facing criminal charges in 2013. 

    “Ruto has failed the president for four years. We can undo the inroads he has made within three months as we move towards the election,” Kioni claimed. 

    Siaya Senator James Orengo added that Odinga stood with the late Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia in detention. The Senate Minority Leader wondered why Mt Kenya was against Odinga who also supported former President Mwai Kibaki in 2002. 

    “Where was Ruto then? Was Ruto their friend then or Raila?” Orengo asked. 

    He asked ODM Chairman and Minority Leader in the National Assembly, John Mbadi, to summon Ruto to provide evidence against the Turk, Harun Aydin, who was removed from the country by government agencies. 

    “There has been no protest from the Turkish Embassy since we returned their foreigner, as they are aware of his alleged businesses. The work permits he had were forged and it was established he engaged in money laundering,” Orengo claimed. 

    DP,William Ruto attending service at Newbreed City Chapel Kiambu County
    DP, William Ruto attending service at Newbreed City Chapel Kiambu County