December 4, 2022

A Toyota Probox aboard a Likoni ferry on Sunday, September 29 slid and fell into the Indian Ocean in Mombasa.

According to reports, the Probox had four occupants, allegedly a family, including a mother and child.

A video that captured the unfortunate events showed the Probox floating in the water before eventually sinking into the deep waters.

The driver reportedly engaged the reverse gear while on the vessel before he fell off the ferry, that did not have any divers or rescue equipment on board. 

A Toyota Probox floating in the Indian Ocean after it fell off a ferry in Likoni.

This caused commotion and panic among other passengers who watched helplessly as the automobile slowly sank.

Reports by Capital FM News indicated that Likoni Sub-County Police Commander Benjamin Rotich, stated that emergency rescue services had already been activated.

In a span of 2 months, a lorry carrying flour fell into the ocean while a cargo ship almost collided with another ferry. 

The canter truck ferrying maize flour, on July 23 plunged into the Indian Ocean while disembarking from MV Harambee, at the mainland side ramp of Likoni Ferry Channel. 

The 10 am Tuesday morning incident, caused quite a stir, with eyewitnesses reporting panic-stricken faces, as helpless passengers aboard the ferry watched the lorry plunge into the ocean, at the Kilindini Harbour.

Early reports indicated that severe winds at the busy ferry point may have led to the truck’s loss of trajectory, leading to its calamitous fall.

A ferry in the Indian Ocean carrying passengers.
A ferry in the Indian Ocean carrying passengers.


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