President Uhuru’s regime has messed up our children’s education system, wont forget

President Uhuru’s regime has messed up our children’s education system, wont forget

By Wandia njoya via fb
GoK has nothing over us who are concerned about education except force. Nothing. The only thing that has made it get this far with the new system is the fear of the parents to lose in this lottery of the 3%. Education has been elitist since the missionaries set up the first school, so many parents think that there is no alternative to education than a racist school to work pipeline. I have no illusions about pushing back a century of this mess.

Unlike the 8-4-4, history will record that there was a resistance. That means when the first lot of guinea pigs graduates and asks why we let them go through this nonsense, we’ll tell them that we did our best to stop it. And they will see, like prophetess Syokimau, that we had seen ahead and that our predictions came true.

And Muigai is delusional to think that his legacy is education reform. His legacy will actually be ramming a faulty education system down our throats against the best advice and the will of the people. And history will remember. It will remember Lydia Nzomo, Julius Jwan, Fred Matiangi, Amina Mohammed and Muigai Kenyatta for putting bureaucracy and egos over our children. It will remember publishers like Musyoki Muli and Lawrence Njagi for putting money over humanity.

History will not forget. As Fanon said, politicians fight on the military battleground, and intellectuals fight on the battleground of history. Muigai may win this battle, but we the people of Kenya will win the war. Because this isnt about him, or donors, or publishers, or big 4. It’s about our children.


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