President Uhuru Locks Horns With NTV’s Mark Masai

President Uhuru Locks Horns With NTV's Mark Masai

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday evening locked horns with NTV presenter and anchor Mark Masai.

The two met during a live televised roundtable interview at State House, Mombasa where the Head of State shielded questions from members of the Fourth State.

However, the seasoned NTV journalist’s inquisitiveness nearly rubbed Uhuru the wrong way sparking an online debate.

In the interview moderated by journalists from KBC, K24, Citizen TV, NTV and KTN, Masai grilled the President over the bloating public debt.

President Uhuru with journalists during a live televised roundtable interview at State House, Mombasa

In response, Uhuru posed: “What’s Kenya’s debt? Talk like an Economist”.

The journalist responded that Kenya’s public debt was 56% of the country’s GDP.

The President then inquired on Japan’s public debt in a bid to draw comparison on Kenya’s position.

In a rejoinder, Masai retorted; “I’m not in Japan… So I am not concerned about its debt”.

Uhuru went ahead to indicate that Japan’s debt is 100% of their GDP hence Kenya’s borrowing is not badly off, relatively.

“The issue of debt is not about incurring debt, it is how you use that debt,” Uhuru concluded.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a press address

It is a moment that saw Kenyans applause and scold Masai in equal measure with some saying that it would be impossible to have every country’s economic statistics at his finger tips.

Others, however, opined that the attempt by the presenter to grill the Head of State had buckled.

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