August 12, 2022
Popular Inooro TV news anchor Winrose Wangui on Wednesday, February 12, disclosed that she and her husband Reuben Kivati had parted ways.

In an interview conducted by a vernacular online channel Hungura, Winrose revealed for the first time in a public forum that her marriage lasted only 59 days.

“A lot of people know that I got married in 2017, but what they don’t know is that my marriage only lasted for 59 days. On the 59th day, my marriage ended and I packed my bags and left,” Winrose stated.


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Inooro TV news anchor Winrose Wangui and her estranged husband Reuben Kivati during their wedding on April 17, 2019


Further, the bubbly news anchor stated that the Reuben Kivati re-married and started a family.

“The reasons that led to our separation is something that we both do not understand, maybe one day, we will understand.

“I wouldn’t want to talk a lot about him because he is someone’s husband and a father as well, hence, it would not be right to talk about him in his absence,” Winrose stated.

Winrose, who has since healed from the ordeal, stated that the journey has not been easy.

“I was pregnant and I had to start my life from zero. Everyone was talking about my situation and at that time, I just decided to distance myself from people.

“I had a very small circle of friends who would listen to me and I try as much as possible to distance myself from that,” Winrose stated.

The mother of one stated that it is only God who would help those in marriage.

Winrose and her estranged husband got married in April 2017 in a ceremony attended by family, friends and media personalities. 


<!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–>Inooro TV news anchor Winrose Wangui (pictured) during an interview on Hungura show

Inooro TV news anchor Winrose Wangui (pictured) during an interview on Hungura show

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