Police Warn Thika Rd Residents Over Tonight’s Curfew Operation

  • Police Bosses in Nairobi on Sunday, August 1, issued a warning to residents living along Thika Road and its environs over the 10 pm curfew.

    In messages seen by kenyagist.com, a police boss based at Kasarani warned Nairobi residents of tougher actions taken against anyone found outdoors beyond 10pm tonight (Sunday).

    Normally, motorists are allowed fifteen minutes after curfew hour to get to their homes but they took this allowance for granted.

    A screenshot of a whatsapp status posted by an officer stationed at Kasarani.
    A Screenshot of a WhatsApp Status Posted by a Police Officer Stationed at Kasarani on Sunday, August 1.

    Tukutane Thika Super Highway tonight. Tutakesha na nyinyi, I swear,” which loosely translates to, ” Let us meet you on Thika Super Highway tonight. You will spend the night on the road, I swear.”

    This follows the statement on Friday, July 30 by Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on the disregard of the containment measures by Kenyans.

    Mutyambai stated that the police will be more vigilant in ensuring that the Covid-19 containment measures set by the Ministry of Health are followed to the latter.

    On Saturday, July 31, a number of motorists were left stranded on Thika Road after police at Kasarani erected roadblocks in a bid to effect the 10 pm curfew.

    Also part of the three-hour stalemate were motorists who claimed to be essential service providers. Two vehicles almost crashed as they tried to escape when two ambulances were allowed to pass the roadblock.

    Kasarani OCPD Peter Mwanzo explained that some of the motorists took lightly the directives given by the government, putting their own lives at risk. At one point he offered his vehicle to ferry women and children to their homes. 

    Nairobi Regional Commander of police Agustin Thumbi arrived at the roadblock at about 1am on Sunday, August 1. 

    Whereas he ordered the lifting of the barricades, he warned that the police would not be lenient on them tonight.

    He further indicated that only essential service providers will be allowed on the road past 10 pm.

    On April 19, hundreds of motorists spent a better part of their evening of Saturday stranded along Thika Highway after police mounted an impromptu roadblock.

    Stranded Motorists who wre stuck on Thika Superhighway on April 17, 2021.
    Stranded Motorists Who Were Stuck on Thika Superhighway on April 17, 2021.