Police in Matuu Bank Robbery Face Disciplinary Action

  • Police officers guarding a bank in Matuu, Machakos County are under investigation after detectives reportedly tied them to the raid which occurred on Tuesday, July 27. 

    Two other officers guarding a nearby bank will also face disciplinary measures after allegedly declining to rush to the scene to safeguard the raided bank

    According to a follow-up report dated Wednesday, July 28, the policewoman at the raided bank left her AK47 rifle with her colleague, a police constable (PC) and went for a walk. 

    She was spotted on CCTV footage returning to her station but on a phone call. The constable was reported to have been sitting on a chair but had left the two guns unattended. 

    He was reportedly overpowered and attacked by the thugs who took the two rifles. The policewoman fled and was ferried by a boda boda rider to a neighbouring bank to call for backup. 

    The two police officers she sought help from, 300 metres from the raided bank, ordered the other facility’s manager to shut the doors but did not rush to the crime scene.

    “They did not respond to their colleague’s plea but only made a report to the OCS. The same amounts to misconduct and we are handling the same.

    “Our Police response was poor and not appropriate and we are handling the lapse,” a detective stated. 

    The robbery reportedly took 20 minutes with the policewoman and the two officers she sought help from being holed in the other nearby bank. 

    Inside the Raided Bank

    Detectives noted that the police constable who was caught up in the scuffle was reportedly spotted conversing with the thugs in the bank and did not attempt to flee despite being offered several opportunities. 

    They alleged that the bank robbers were very lenient to the constable which was suspicious. 

    “The team is following more leads with help of telephone providers and human intelligence. From the modus operandi of the gang, the team believes some of the attackers were either rogue police officers or ex-officers. 

    A file image of Kenya Police.
    A file image of Kenya Police.

    “One of them appears to be an Ex-GSU officer who was dismissed in Mombasa and hails from Masinga Sub-County, Machakos,” the detectives pieced together the puzzle. 

    Two Suspects Arrested

    Machakos County Issa Mohammed stated that two boda boda riders who reportedly ferried the gang to the crime scene had been arrested and will assist in the investigations.

    A multi-agency was further tasked with combing the area and tracking the wanted suspects in Ithekithini, Kithimani and Kimangu areas.