August 15, 2022
A Kenyan Police Officer pictured at a crime scene.

Two people including a security guard have been arrested in connection to an attempted robbery at a bank in Kakamega on Saturday, March 14.

NTV reported that one of the suspects was arrested inside the bank. Police say one of the men was inside the bank when it opened on the morning of Saturday, March 14 after breaking in through the roof on the ATM side of the bank.

“He is called Jackson Ambakusi Munai, he is from this town. He vandalised the alarm inside the bank, luckily enough nothing has been stolen and the strong room is intact,” A police officer at the crime scene stated.

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A Kenyan Police Officer pictured at a crime scene.


The guard was arrested for allegedly being away from his work station at the time of the break-in.

No cash was reported stolen but Munai was found in possession of a few items from the bank.

The police, however, stated that Munai will undergo a psychiatric examination before being charged. This is after Munai went ahead to relieve himself at the bank’s hall.

The police stated that they would undertake investigations to ensure security at the bank is restored and establish whether the failed heist was an inside job.

The security guard will remain under police custody until the completion of investigations.

The incident happens at the back of a number of other bank robberies that have rocked the country in the recent months, with a number targeting ATMs.

While others involved civilian members of the public, a number of others have involved police officers.

On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, six police officers were apprehended in the middle of a bank heist in Machakos County.

The culprits were busted as they were hurriedly draining an ATM after some crafty engineering to pry it open.

Citizen Digital reported that they were found in possession of Ksh 268,000 in cash at the scene of the crime. 

“Upon conducting a search, Ksh 100,000 was recovered from the motor vehicle’s dashboard and another Ksh 168,600 from Julius Mwalili, which had been hidden inside his socks and failed to account for. Also recovered was one prisons beret,” read a section of the police report.

A local guard reportedly raised the alarm after he saw the officers ransacking the machine.

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