Police Boss Acts After Clip of Drunk & Armed Officer Terrorising Kenyans Goes Viral

Bruno Isohi Shioso, the new Police Spokesperson
  • New Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso has begun flexing his muscle since taking over the job by opening investigations into a gun-wielding drunk officer who was terrorising Laikipia residents.

    In a statement the spokesperson shared on the evening of Saturday, August 28, Shioso termed the behaviour as criminal and irresponsible.

    The officer in question was wearing Administration Police (AP) unit uniform while wielding an AK-47 rifle in Majengo area of Laikipia County.

    Shioso confirmed that the matter was under investigation under the leadership of Laikipia County Police Commander.

    Bruno Isohi Shioso, the new Police Spokesperson

    “Attention of the Inspector General of Police has been drawn to a video clip circulating on social media of a drunk, armed and uniformed police officer harassing innocent members of the public. Laikipia County Police Commander is taking administrative action against the officer.

    “Such irresponsible and criminal behaviour has no place within the National Police Service (NPS),” read the statement in part.

    The residents are heard, in the 45-second clip, confronting the officer for harassing citizens on claims that he was investigating bhang dealers.

    “You have come to harass citizens. What evidence do you have that people are selling bhang here? You come while drunk,” stated a woman.

    The officer attempted to engage the residents before walking away letter as they threatened to take action against him.

    A recent study released in February 2021indicated that 90 per cent of police officers are struggling with alcoholism, 50 per cent of whom require psychosocial support.

    About 61 percent of officers are regular alcohol consumers with reference to a joint survey done by United Nations Officer and National Police Service on drugs and crime in 2018.

    In the survey, nine out of ten officers who were interviewed turned out to be heavy users of alcohol while 42 percent are on the verge of abusing alcohol.

    The average age of officers who were found to be first-timers in alcohol abuse was found to be 22 years, which was four percent of the officers who met the diagnostic criteria.

    Below is the video: