Police Arrest Rogue Gun-Toting Officer

  • Detectives, on Wednesday, August 25, arrested an armed prison warder who had escaped with a loaded rifle.

    According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the warder was suspected to be trailing his wife, whom he alleged to have defrauded him of Ksh900,000 that he had secured from a bank as a loan. 

    The officer is said to have stormed out of Kangeta GK Prison in Meru while concealing a G3 rifle in a sack.

    Police officers patrolling in Nairobi

    The officers, according to DCI, evaded police dragnets and made his way to the girlfriend’s house in Thika, Kiambu County. The girlfriend is said to be a fourth year student at a local university.

    DCI says that through various crimes units, the detectives gathered intel on the girlfriend’s whereabouts and moved her to safety. The officers then lay in wait for the suspect to make his move. 

    “At around 5pm, the suspect arrived (at the girlfriend’s house), and using a spare key he gained entry into the house,” the DCI stated.

    The rogue warder then assembled the firearm and made a call to his girlfriend enquiring her whereabouts after finding the house empty. 

    “The detectives immediately moved in and without firing a single shot, arrested the suspect and recovered the firearm loaded with 20 rounds of 7.62 mm caliber, which had been hidden beneath a couch.”

    The DCI cautioned the female youth to be wary of predators who might lure them with monetary benefits in a bid to win their affection.

    The Directorate advised that such relationships end up in fatal affairs due to their precarious nature. 

    Police Station
    Police Station