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Plane Crash Drill Causes Panic at Eldoret Airport [VIDEO]

Plane Crash Drill Causes Panic at Eldoret Airport [VIDEO]

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  • A mock plane crash caused panic, on Saturday, at the Eldoret International Airport in Uasin Gishu County.

    The drill was not communicated to responders in advance with some people thinking that the aviation facility had come under a terror attack.

    Speaking after the exercise, the airport’s manager Walter Agong assured that the exercise was a success with timely responses by emergency teams. 

    “It took us two months to prepare. It was undertaken confidentially and none of the responders knew it was a drill.

    Eldoret Airport manager Walter Agong (left) peaking at the Eldoret Airport on 7/12/2018.

    “The response to the drill was overwhelming and all the agencies within Uasin Gishu county responded within the stipulated time,” he stated.

    Agong noted that the timely response was an indication that in the event of an emergency situation, the relevant agencies were well prepared to deal with it.

    He added that the agencies which included, the county government fire department, military, Kenya Red Cross, St John Ambulance and other security agencies were prepared to counter such emergency scenarios.

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV:   ©     All Rights Reserved

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