Philomena Njeri’s Eulogy Reveals Family Pain After Shooting By Husband

  • The family of the late Philomena Njeri was in great pain as they laid her to rest at her parents’ home in Kianjege village, Kirinyaga County on Tuesday, August 10.

    Njeri was shot dead by her husband Jonathan Mukundi Gachunga before he also turned the gun on himself and ended his life. Their bodies were found in their bedroom on Tuesday, August 3.

    Though the family revealed that Njeri was married to Gachunga in 2010, they shied from detailing more about the couple’s life.

    The 30-year old was buried at her mother’s home in Kirinyaga instead of being laid to rest at her husband’s rural home. 

    Philomena Njeri’s eulogy

    “Njeri started a small business in Kiambu town and afterwards worked with her husband until she died.”

    “She lived a happy and adventurous and happy life. She died at the age of 30,” the eulogy described her work and death – without referring to the unfortunate circumstances of her death. 

    Noticeably, the businesswoman was also not buried alongside her husband and did not have his name contrary to the Kikuyu culture.

    Until her death, the family noted that Njeri, an only child to Margaret Wanjiru, was a bubbly woman who loved being around people.

    Speaking to mourners, the businesswoman’s family urged the media to do their due diligence before publishing a story and always show consideration to the family.

    “To the press, please be considerate when writing news and always have your facts right. Always consider that the story will be read by the family and friends.

    “It is not fair, your not being sensitive when you write. Let us say the truth. About 70 percent of the stories written about Njeri were not true and the media is coming back to say the same,” she stated.

    Some media outlets had alleged that Gachunga and his wife had a misunderstanding after she became pregnant while the tycoon had allegedly undergone a vasectomy.

    However, autopsy results conducted by Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor revealed that Njeri was not pregnant at the time of the incident and that she died of multiple gun wounds.

    Njeri’s husband Gachunga will be buried on Thursday, August 12.

    Kiambu Businessman Jonathan Mukundi Gachunga (right) and his wife Philomena Njeri.
    Kiambu Businessman Jonathan Mukundi Gachunga (right) and his wife Philomena Njeri.