August 15, 2022
Michael Orengo in a file photo. Michael is son to Siaya senator James Orengo.

In a rare light moment, Siaya Senator James Orengo took some time to challenge his son Michael Orengo in a dance competition as the duo were cheered on by their family. 

In a video posted by Michael on twitter, the two were filmed rocking with the moves, dancing to Sauti Sol’s new hit Suzanna.

The seasoned 69-year old lawyer and ODM party bigwig showcased his dancing prowess ostensibly outshining his son, as the two paused in between the competition to dance in synchronised moves. 


Michael Orengo in a file photo. Michael is son to Siaya senator James Orengo.


Orengo, who has managed to keep his family away from the glaring eyes of the media, enjoyed the light moment with his son as he rocked back and forth to the jam. 

The junior Orengo completed 5 years at the Manchester School of Architecture taking a bachelor’s course and masters course in architecture in 2016. 

The valiant man went on to rise up the ranks at one of Kenya’s oldest and biggest architecture firms, Triad Architects.

Starting out as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant in 2014, Orengo Jnr worked his way up and currently serves as a Graduate Architect at the firm based in Muthaiga.

As part of his daily role, Michael takes part in the planning, legislation, and execution of large scale projects undertaken by the iconic firm.

Orengo occasionally posts some of his children special moments on social media.

In 2018, through a post on Facebook, he celebrated his daughter Zenani Orengo, who completed her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at New York University back in 2018.

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