Orders to punish DP Ruto allies came from Uhuru Statehouse

Orders to punish DP Ruto allies came from Uhuru Statehouse

Who gives orders to Matiangi and Kibicho?

The answer to this question should be pretty obvious, it is their boss, the president. Though that seems to be the case, it is not.

Recently, some MPs especially those allied to the DP complained about being shortchanged by the OP where they claimed that their security is about to be withdrawn. However, Matiangi and Kibicho did not have straight answers to their queries taking the MPs on a merry-go-round. So, how is it possible that the interior ministry does not have a clear explanation for the decision? The truth is someone else is calling the shots which means the minister and his PS are just taking orders. From who? They take orders from the top most state officer that is the head of civil service. This office has always been controversial, under Muthuara, Raila’s MoU was tossed out leading to the fall of Narc.

As PM, Raila was undermined by the same office several times hence he used to take his complains public . Kimemia’s term in the same office was filled with problems esp how he handled the Westgate crisis. Today it is held by Ambassador John Kinyua, however, it does not matter who holds that office, what matters is who he represents. Anyone holding that office is never a politician which means they are not susceptible to public scrutiny. This means the office operates easily without interference. Despite no constitutional ground for this office, it still exist. So, who does this office represents? It represents what Atwoli called a ‘board room of men’ who come together to discuss the fate of the nation. These men are not in politics but they are the ones who control prime businesses in the country.

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