Open Letter to Miguna Miguna

Open Letter to Miguna Miguna

Having closed the year with Safaricom, I had to look for someone else to open a new year with and I’ve settled on Dr Miguna

Asante sana Bwana Miguna, I hope it is new year in Canada, as well, because from way you speak Kenya is so mismanaged that it is highly unlikely to move into a new year in the same speed with others, like Canada

My friend Akazol Kalula, a Congolese musician who played with Afrisa International and currently stays in Ontario, tells me you are his counsel and your service is exceptional

For that, you merit a pat on your large back

To begin with, not many people knew you before you worked as an adviser to Raila Odinga, during the coalition government

You contested the Nyando parliamentary seat in the 2007 elections and you performed dismally because no one knew you

It is your tenure as Raila’s adviser that introduced you to Kenyans, and as much as you may not acknowledge, the man you call a coward contributed to the prominence you enjoy today

Were it not for him, you’d not have any audience and you would be engaging in a soliloquy, a known domain of madmen

Known revolutionists critiqued the inadequacies of various dicatotrial regimes and joined the masses in seeking solutions. Revolutions are founded on ideology and driven by masses

You are one man guitar and the only thing you believe in is yourself. Everyone else is wrong. You wake up to tweet insults to everyone in sight, from those in leadership to random Kenyans you meet in the internet

You could be an intelligent man, but this country is yet to benefit from your intellect and as we speak your contribution to Kenyan isn’t so different from what that of any mkoteteni pusher at mirikiti, who works diligently to pay his taxes

Your acts do not showcase the razor sharp brain you are supposed to have. Each time, everytime, your mouth is open, you expose one sharp fang hidding betwen your teeth, which was meant to be canine, and not not any shrewd thinking you want us to imagine you can manage

Your mouth spits venom, in proportions that would make king cobra’s a child play

You voted for Uhuru, but expected Raila to win. In English, this is called confusion

Your highest moment came when you swore in Raila. Every attention was on you. You displayed rare bravery when others had chickened off. When the state came for you, we were almost rising up against the state for that

I personally prayed that you be killed, for Kenya,currently a protectorate of uthamaki,to get an opportunity to free itself from the despots

As a sacrifice you would’ve helped Kenya attain good governance than your verbal diarrhea in social media

Moses Kuria suggested, you be tranquilized and forcibly depoted to Canada via Dubai and that is what happened

You became our hero. When Raila went for the handshake, those of us, cut from the leftist cloth, felt orphaned and abandoned by Raila

Some of us felt s supporting a goverment that kills it’s people to stay in power, amounts to supporting it’s atrocities so opted to stay behind

We thought Kenya had finally delivered a Che Guevara, who would deliver us from despotism and black imperialism

We were in for a rude shock. Your mouth became an Etna, an active volcano, erupting unpredictably, each time leaving different grades of destruction and nothing constructive

You have let us down and we feel more abandoned that when Raila went for the handshake. We followed you not knowing we were following a madman

It is absolutely true that Kenya has a problem, but again it is also glaring for all and sundry, that you also have a problem and so cannot pretend to be the solution

The ego bulging in your throat is like that of a male toad and your croacking and ranting in social media is of no consequences. You cannot solve anything by quarreling everyone

You can now somersault in your trademark tantrums, for response to this

Everyone has their opinion, which must not be identical to mine, but still they are entitled to

Happy new year my fellow hoof eaters!!


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