Omosh’s 1st Wife Begs for Aid, Relocates to Bedsitter

  • Kamau Kinuthia’s, alias Omosh, first wife, Judy Wachuka, has pleaded with Kenyans to build her a house, claiming that she has been relocating from one bed-sitter to another. 

    Wachuka, who played the role of Mrs Ngatia in Citizen TV’s drama series Tahidi High, narrated her woes to a vlogger on Thursday, August 19. 

    She alleged that landlords have evacuated her four times in 2021 over rent arrears. Wachuka added that she owes her current landlord Ksh100,000. 

    “I am psychologically affected. I have suffered. Landlords keep saying that my husband and I are celebrities as we appear on TV daily. They also stated that my husband is a wealthy man who has money following the contributions and sponsorships he received,†Wachuka opined while referencing the time Kenyans came to the rescue of Omosh, a former Tahidi High actor. 

    Omosh poses for a photo with one of his wives

    Among the aid Omosh received was a three bedroomed mansion in the Kangundo Road area of Embakasi, Nairobi. Comedian and Kiss FM presenter, Felix Odiwour (Jalang’o), coordinated efforts to construct and hand over of the house to Omosh and his family. 

    Wachuka, nonetheless, stated that her co-wife had taken over the house after she was prioritised to reside in it with her minors. 

    “I understand that she requires to nurture the young children. When kids are young, they require so much in terms of financial support and provisions,” added Wachuka. 

    “Even the funds Omosh received as donations were channeled to assist the co-wife. I did not enjoy the spoils.†

    The actress further claimed that her woes had increased, forcing her to hide her face from the public. While undertaking her errands, she disguises herself to avoid attracting public attention. 

    “Even if I get a one-bedroom, metal house, I would move into it very fast. I would appreciate it even if I get a temporary structure for now. Wherever they would build me a house, I will relocate,†she pleaded. 

    Omosh, who was part of the interview, said that he was still struggling to find a footing and that he will build her a house once he raises enough funds. 

    Omosh’s new house along Kangundo Road, Nairobi