May 27, 2022
NTV reporter Seth Olale
  • NTV investigative reporter Seth Olale has announced his departure from the station, after amassing ten years of experience at the Kimathi Street-based media house. 

    Olale broke the news on his social media handles thanking the Nation Media Group for according him the opportunity to grow within the giant broadcaster. 

    “It’s been an incredible decade serving at the Nation Media Group, NTV Broadcasting Division, right from a Sports intern in 2011 to a Senior Current Affairs and Investigative Reporting. I am forever indebted to this amazing institution for the overwhelming support it gave me over the years through the management and its dedicated staff,” he noted. 

    NTV reporter Seth Olale preparing for a broadcast in 2020.

    Speaking to, Olale noted that the decision was influenced due to the current season whereby journalists’ skills are needed across various industries. He tendered his resignation on Tuesday, February 22. 

    “It is a season of realignment, in terms of media houses and political parties jostling for journalists to be in their strategic communication team, for the moment I’m not authorised of saying my next move,” he pointed out. 

    Highlighting his challenges during his tenure at the Twin Tower, Olale revealed that the journalism was not a walk in the park.

    “The journey has been incredible but did not lack its fair share of challenges such as surviving massive three massive layoffs during my tenure.”

    The reporter gave an instance of the time when QTV was shut down and over 200 staff were axed.. the last one was in 2019, 

    “But it has been an amazing learning point because NMG gives a good opportunity to grow,” he added. 

    Olale thanked NMG for the chance to delve deep into the art of investigative journalism but pointed out that it did not come without its fair share of challenges – 

    “I have faced three lawsuits over my tenure from interested parties who took issue with my work. 

    “The cases come from interested parties and they will use a law firm to intimidate you ( ensuring that they don’t reveal the people behind the lawsuits,” he noted. 

    As the country gears up for the August election, media houses are also scouting for top notch journalists to bolster their political desks. 

    Nation Media Group building located at Kimathi Street in Nairobi CBD
    Nation Media Group building located at Kimathi Street in Nairobi CBD

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