September 28, 2022

Update: The feature aired on Tuesday, October 1.

In another turn of events, NTV was on Tuesday, October 1, blocked from the airing an exposé minutes before broadcast.

This was the second time the station has been barred from broadcasting the feature dubbed Sins of Saviours. The feature was set to air during the Tuesday Prime Time news at 9pm.

The order issued by a court blocks NTV from publishing the exposé on any of their media avenues.

Earlier on, the intial ban had been lifted after a month-long battle granting the media station the green light to air the feature on Tuesday, October 1 at 9 pm.

A promo of the feature exposing government office exploiting children. NTV has been issued with a court order blocking the airing of the feature.

The feature that was aimed at exposing government officials who were exploiting children touched on the improprierty of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK).

In court documents, the organisation had accused NTV of infringing on the rights of the minors even after the station gave them (CWSK) a chance to respond to the investigation’s findings.

On Monday, the court also dropped another application that sought to arrest and detain Edmond Nyabola, Mark Maasai and Managing editor Emmanuel Juma.

The media house claimed that had been investigating CWSK and had received damning evidence pointing to outright embezzlement of public funds at the expense of the children.

However, during the probe that involved speaking to those responsible, including the CEO of CWSK Child, Irene Mureithi threatened the station and sought the intervention of the court. 

“She left no doubt that she is prepared to do everything and anything to ensure the story does not air by making unethical or virtuous to us, claiming she knows people in high places.

“When all that did not work, she mischievously went to the children’s court, and using falsehoods and assumptions, got orders on Friday, barring us from airing the feature, Sins of saviours, this Sunday,” Nyabola had stated.

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