Nigerian Conman Hushpuppi Names Kenyan Who Aided Him in Ksh1.1 Billion Scam

  • Notorious Nigerian scammer Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi has named a Kenyan tycoon as an accomplice who helped him defraud a foreign investor of Ksh1.1 Billion and a Nigerian accomplice who goes by Vincent.

    The 28-year-old Kenyan man who goes by the nickname Abdul allegedly posed as a consultant and a banker who could aid in the facilitation of a loan for a Qatari businessman for the building of schools in Qatar. 

    According to court documents, Abdul impersonated a banker facilitating loans on illusion while Hushpuppi played the role of “Malik†– an international banker based in New York.

    On the other hand, Vincent facilitated them with false narratives, creating counterfeit documents and arranging the creation of bogus bank websites and phone banking lines.

    Hushpuppi poses for a photo in a private jet
    Hushpuppi poses for a photo in a private jet

    In the latest developments, Hushpuppi admitted to participating in the scheme to steal more than Ksh1.1 million from the Qatari investor. 

    The court documents released on July 28, 2021, indicate that Hushpuppi pleaded guilty to the charges on April 30, 2021.

    Kristi K. Johnson the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI)  deputy director of the Los Angeles office, Hushpuppi’s celebrity status aided him to create contacts into legitimate groups which led to multiple spin-off schemes in the United States and Abroad.

    According to the US, Hushpuppi was involved in schemes amounting to more than Ksh 2.6 Million.

    Hushpuppi claims to have accumulated his net worth through real estate investing. He underscored the point to his Instagram followers with virtual tours of his suite at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai.

    The social media influencer was known for showing off his rich and extravagant lifestyle manoeuvring from expensive hotels and Sheraton to his massive followers on Instagram amounting to 2.5 million.

    He was nabbed in a sting operation in June 2020 in Dubai and was extradited to the US to face cybercrime charges levelled against him.

    His rich lifestyle and shoddy deals had kept him in the crosshairs of sleuths from the FBI and Interpol for a great deal of time.

    Hushpuppi getting arrested
    Hushpuppi getting arrested