May 26, 2022
A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
  • The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) on Monday, January 31, ranked the most watched and listened to TV and radio stations in 2021.

    In the report dubbed the State of the Media 2021, MCK ranked the TV and radio stations based on a research carried out by the organisation.

    Citizen TV emerged as the most watched television station in the country, registering a 78 per cent popularity among the respondents. It was closely followed by KTN Home (31 per cent)and NTV (27 per cent), which came in second and third respectively.

    A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
    Citizen Digital

    “These TV stations were mentioned as at least one of the three most watched TV stations by respondents,” read the report in part.

    The top five was sealed by vernacular tv station, Inooro TV, and channels from Multichoice Africa. MCK stated that the latter was boosted by channels such as Supersport, Maisha Magic, National Geographic and cartoon programmes.

    Radio Citizen, Radio Jambo, Kameme FM,  Radio Maisha and KBC were ranked as the top five most listened to radio stations in 2021,with 27, 22, 15, 13 and 11 per cent popularity respectively.

    Generally, TV consumption dropped from 74 per cent  in 2020 to 58 per cent in 2021 across the same margin. Kenyans spent, on average, 2 hours a day watching television, which is less than the global mean time of 3 hours 24 minutes.

    On the other hand, radio subscription remained steady at 74 per cent from 2020. Majority of the content consumed from the two media are news and entertainment.

    The report further revealed concerns by the public, categorized as concerns on coverage, content, signal and consumer protection.

    On matters coverage, the research established that Kenyans held that the media gave more air time to political news and had limited coverage on matters affecting rural areas. They also noted that the political stories were covered with bias.

    The media was also faulted for paying little attention to children and local sports content. In addition, the predominant use of English when holding national discussions is reported to exclude the majority of Kenyans.

    Consumers also raised concern over harmful and misguiding adverts run on TV, not to mention, the frequency in which they appear during programmes.

    File Photo of Microphone in a radio station set up
    File Photo of Microphone in a radio station set up

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